From Rave to Booty Bass, from Eurodance to Funeral Doom, from Dark Wave to Transe Goa, we all have grown up under the infinite dispersal of musical sub-genres. For each one that emerged, we invented new rituals and our outfits changed. And each time we believed in the promise of a new world. We vibrated with the sound of new synthetic instruments and felt the power of their rises. But what was there was only a mere piling up of effects, and when one at the time these worlds collapsed, so did our beliefs.

SUNSET is the synthesis of these deserted worlds. A concentration of sub-genres, reduced to their pure emotional intensity. SUNSET is the resurrection of our teenagehood mythologies. An attempt to reach a generic romanticism, echoing in the darkness of nightclubs. It’s a sunset that slowly crashes onto the ruins of our own subjectivity.

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