I am Lil Brain



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From Rave to Booty Bass, from Eurodance to Funeral Doom, from Dark Wave to Transe Goa, we all have grown up under the infinite dispersal of musical sub-genres. For each one that emerged, we invented new rituals and our outfits changed. And each time we believed in the promise of a new world. We vibrated with the sound of new synthetic instruments and felt the power of their rises. But what was there was only a mere piling up of effects, and when one at the time these worlds collapsed, so did our beliefs.

SUNSET is the synthesis of these deserted worlds. A concentration of sub-genres, reduced to their pure emotional intensity. SUNSET is the resurrection of our teenagehood mythologies. An attempt to reach a generic romanticism, echoing in the darkness of nightclubs. It’s a sunset that slowly crashes onto the ruins of our own subjectivity.



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As a child, I grew up sitting in front of a computer by myself. That is where I learnt about music; playing video games and watching endless reruns of cartoons and American TV shows. Television gave me shelter when I was alone, nursed me with Hollywood’s mythologies. It guided me through nameless countries; with it I brought down colossuses and climbed mountains. I preached its beliefs. But when I grew up, all my heroes died. 

Today, I still come to mourn in deserted movie theatres. There, lights flash before my eyes. But I don’t feel anything in face of the latest blockbusters and their visual explosions, these chaotic clusters where Mechas and Kaijus pile up in between fights under the rain, tsunamis and apocalyptic scenes… Yet I feel numb, except for the roaring sub-basses that fill the void of cinemas. My music is for those who, like me, have grown up amongst the ruins of blockbusters. For them my bass trembles and my synths screech. 

But I know that beyond this digital coldness lie other horizons, other possibilities.



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